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At Hotsy Cleaning System we know these are unexpected times, but we want to assure our customers and our community that we?re doing all we can to be here for you. WE KNOW CLEAN, and that?s why we?re:

  • Taking all necessary precautions to keep our facilities clean and safe
  • Routinely washing and sterilizing all equipment and vehicles
  • Encouraging staff to stay home if they are not feeling well
  • Staying open and available to help you find the supplies and equipment you need
  • Continuing to come up with creative ways to incorporate disinfecting in the community

Transportation Industry – Find out how CLEAN can boost profit

CLEAN. It’s a profit generator. CLEAN keeps your equipment and facilities working efficiently and your people more productive. And when it comes to improving profit, your biggest profit levers are productivity and keeping those assets rolling every day.

CLEAN can boost profit in these 7 ways:

  1. Reduced down time
  2. Improves productivity
  3. Decreases driver turnover
  4. Improves your company brand image
  5. Increases safety
  6. Enhances regulatory compliance
  7. Increases vehicle life

It takes a well-maintained washing system to get the benefits CLEAN can bring you. We are experts on cleaning systems and PM programs for fleet, transport and trucking companies. With locations throughout Wisconsin, no one is better trained and equipped than us in installing and maintaining these systems.

Equipment Sugestions:

Fleet Size:
Pressure Washers:
Fleet Size:
Pressure Washers:
Small - Med
700 Series
Hotsy 700 Series hot water pressure washers
Fleet Size:
Pressure Washers:
800 Series
Hotsy  800Series hot water pressure washers
Fleet Size:
Pressure Washers:
Med - Large
900/1400 Series
Hotsy 900/1400 Series hot water pressure washers
Fleet Size:
Pressure Washers:
5700/5800 Series
Hotsy 57000/5800 Series hot water pressure washers


Detergent Suggestions:

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  • Check pump pressure & volume
  • Check coil for scaling and/or sooting
  • Check belt tension
  • Check gun, wand and grips
  • Check pump oil seals
  • Analyze detergent inlet system
  • Review amp draw
  • Adjust thermostat
  • Check pressure switch
  • Check engine and spark plugs
  • Adjust burner for best combustion
  • Check fuel filters
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