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At Hotsy Cleaning System we know these are unexpected times, but we want to assure our customers and our community that we?re doing all we can to be here for you. WE KNOW CLEAN, and that?s why we?re:

  • Taking all necessary precautions to keep our facilities clean and safe
  • Routinely washing and sterilizing all equipment and vehicles
  • Encouraging staff to stay home if they are not feeling well
  • Staying open and available to help you find the supplies and equipment you need
  • Continuing to come up with creative ways to incorporate disinfecting in the community

How to Clean Fleet Assets Efficiently

If your business runs a fleet of vehicles, trucks, or heavy equipment, it can be a
challenge to keep those assets clean without draining your budget on hiring an outside service.

A wash bay is your best bet for efficient fleet cleaning on a large scale.

A wash bay consists of a stationary pressure washer mounted on a stand in a remote location, away from where you’ll be washing. Many wash bay systems are controlled at a remote station. A system of hoses and trolleys brings the high-pressure spray into the wash bay. Keeping the pressure washer separate from the wash operation prolongs the washer’s life by keeping it protected from damaging dirt, grime, and rust.

Wash bay systems give you additional flexibility in two ways. First, they can often be fitted to draw from existing power and fuel supplies and can run on natural gas, LP gas, and electricity. And second, wash bay systems allow for more than one operator at any given time, making your cleaning operation more efficient.

With a wash bay system, you’ll keep more money in your pocket. You’ll be able to clean your fleet assets in-house. And because a wash bay system is easier to maintain than a stand-alone pressure washer, you’ll save on repair costs.

Need it? We’ve got it. Hotsy Cleaning Systems can install a wash bay at your facility. Trust us. We know clean.