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Pressure Switches and How They Help You

Hot water pressure washers are designed to do two things: heat water and pressurize it. But hot, pressurized water can be dangerous. How do you keep your employees — and your equipment — safe?

Hotsy Cleaning Systems sells a variety of Hotsy hot water pressure washers, which are built to include default safety features like the pressure switch. But some other makes and models don’t include pressure switches — and in that case, we strongly recommend that you purchase one and ask us to install it properly.

The pressure switch is a relatively simple accessory that works like this:

  1. The operator pulls the trigger on a pressure washer gun.
  2. Pressurized water begins to flow through the system.
  3. The pressure switch activates, signaling the burner system to fire and heat the water.
  4. When the trigger is released, the pressure switch deactivates and the burner system shuts off.

Pressure switches are small but important mechanisms that keep your employees safe from accidentally discharged hot, pressurized water. They also help prevent the burner system from overheating, resulting in costly repairs to your wash system.

Need it? We’ve got it. Hotsy Cleaning Systems sells hot-water pressure washers from Hotsy with standard pressure switches in addition to a variety of pressure switches that can be installed on your existing pressure washer. Trust us. We know clean.