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Automatic parts washers

Cuda Karcher Group Automatic Parts Washers

Request a cleaning evaluation Automatic parts washers are ideal for many industries, such as truck repair, manufacturing, forklift shops, and Ag / Construction equipment dealers. A parts washer is an aqueous based cabinet washer using spray jets of pressurized hot water and biodegradable detergents with a flushing action to clean parts automatically. Easy to operate, you simply set the timer and walk away – they are that easy to operate!

Cuda Karcher Group automatic parts washers take up little room on the shop floor. The two main styles are front-loading and top-loading. Each is available in a number of electrical configurations and sizes and offer many benefits. Cuda Karcher Group parts washers use no solvents, so employers do not have to worry about harsh solvents and the long-term affects on their staff. All models are ETL certified to UL-73 standards for safety.

Cuda Karcher Group parts washers pay for themselves quickly
Cuda Karcher Group parts washers are a labor savings alternative to solvent tanks or scrubbing by hand, and pay for themselves several times over in the course of a year. Technicians can simultaneously wash engine parts while working on other repairs, allowing them to accomplish more “revenue-producing” work. With a solvent tank, you pay for disposal fees, whereas a parts washer filters the wash water with an integrated oil skimmer and debris screen, and feature easy access to a sump pump for clean-out.

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