Optima Steamer™

The Optima Steamer™ is a high-performance steam cleaning machine known for its powerful and consistent steam supply. It offers flexible operation and ease of maintenance, with a user-friendly display and accessible internal parts. Additionally, the Optima Steamer™ is eco-friendly and cost-effective, minimizing fuel consumption and energy usage while ensuring safety, quality, and performance assurance.

Optima SEII 8

Optima SE-II

The Optima SE-II is a stainless steel electric steamer designed for sanitization. It is popular in various industries including food processing, manufacturing, and cleanroom maintenance. With its user-friendly LCD display and dry steam technology, it can effectively clean and sanitize hard-to-reach areas in legacy equipment.

Optima XD

Optima XD-XE

The Optima Steamer XD/XE is a user-friendly steam cleaning machine with multiple applications. It features an LCD display for real-time status updates, tank level windows for visibility, and an emergency stop button for safety. The XD/XE models vary in specifications, including heating source, power consumption, steam pressure, and fuel consumption.