Parts Washers

Powerful Models for Tough Industrial Cleaning

Front Load Parts Washers


2530 Series

The Cuda 2530 is the smallest in the front-load automatic partswasher models and is smaller than many solvent tanks. Featuring aturntable diameter of 25-inches, working height of 30-inches, andload capacity of 500 lbs. The 2530 Series is equipped with a 3 HPvertical seal-less pump producing 50 GPM at 45 PSI 230V, 1PH


2840 Series

The Cuda 2840 is 208 volt 3 phase electric pulling 25 Amps The 2840 features a turntable diameter of 28-inches, working height of 40-inches, and load capacity of 1000 lbs. The 2840 Series is equipped with a 3 HP vertical seal-less pump producing 50 GPM at 45 PSI.


3648 Series

The Cuda 3648 features a turntable diameter of 36-inches, working height of 48-inches, and load capacity of 2500 lbs. The 3648 is equipped with a 460 Volt 7.5 HP vertical seal-less pump producing 150GPM at 50 PSI, drawing just 32 Amps and has a 113-gallon sump capacity. It also includes upgraded features such as a more durable control panel, easier to replace handle, stainless steel sump covers, and external plumbing making it the easiest to maintain Cuda yet!


4860 Series

The Cuda 4860 features a turntable diameter of 48 inches, working height of 60 inches, and a load capacity of 5000 lbs. The 4860 series is equipped with a 7.5 HP vertical seal-less pump producing 200 GPM at 50 PSI, and has a 156 gallon sump capacity, 2x 9 kW heaters, automatic oil skimmer, and low water shutdown. Machine: 75"L x 66"W x 105"H

Top Load Parts Washers


2412 Series

Cuda's 2412 series of parts washers is an attractive entry-leveltop-load aqueous parts washer. At only 35 inches wide, the Cuda2412 Series parts washer has a 250-lb. load capacity, and a 24 inchturntable diameter. While boasting Cuda Series durability 208/1PH

SJ Series

SJ Series

The SJ-15 is ideal for batch process cleaning in a factory setting. The SJ-15 uses a patented spray wash technology which eliminates the need for a drive motor, gears, and pulleys. Using a water-propelled spray arm with 23 nozzles that spin around a stationary parts basket, parts are hit from every angle while being cleaned. It has a 350-lb. load capacity, a basket dimension of 32" x 21", 90-gallon sump capacity, 3 HP pump motor delivering 50GPM @ 45 PSI.