Vehicle Wash

Our variety of top-notch detergents are not only safe on all surfaces, but they also work like magic to clean and brighten your vehicle's surface. Wave goodbye to stubborn bug residue and those pesky dull white walls; our products are specially designed to tackle these dirty challenges head-on. So, get ready to give your ride the VIP treatment it deserves, and let's make cleaning your vehicle a breeze. Because with Hotsy Cleaning Systems, we've got your back and we're always here for you. Let's roll!

Transport Plus

Transport Plus

If it has wheels, Transport is the detergent of choice. Autos, buses, motor homes, mobile homes, tractor trailers are just a few applications for this economical liquid detergent. Great when used as a pre-spray for engine compartment cleaning, a good bug remover when presprayed and safe on all painted surfaces, stainless steel, aluminum and glass.

Panel Wash

Panel Wash

A highly effective, economical detergent designed for the truck and transportation industry. It contains a small amount of caustic and is effective as a “pre-spray” to attack the final layer of soil that other products might not penetrate.

Ekto Clean

Ekto Clean

An economical butyl base degreaser. Highly concentrated, good in hard water, good for removing black streaks from campers and siding, a bug remover, and general all around cleaner. Watch what it will do on whitewalls!


Salt Lick

Salt Lick is formulated to remove salt, calcium chloride and de-icing solution used on winter roads by breaking down the cyrstalline structure of ice melt products and prevents them from re-cystalizing so they can be washed away. Salt Lick is a dual-purpose concentrated detergent attacking heavy soils and road film.

Wash n Wax

CWS Wash

A pink bubblegum scent cleans and shines in 1 step, neutral PH, safe on all surfaces

Aluminum Brightener

Aluminum Brightener

An extra-strength, acid-based, aluminum cleaner and brightener designed for non-polished aluminum tanks and trailers, aluminum wheels and for preparing aluminum surfaces for painting. This easy-to-apply formula restores aluminum and makes it look like new in just one application. Do NOT use on glass, polished aluminum or anodized aluminum. Contains no phosphates.

Polished Aluminum-1

Polished Aluminum

This non-etching specialty cleaner contains a concentrated blend of surfactants and glycol ethers to quickly penetrate and remove dirt, grease, oil, road film, diesel smoke and welding smut.

400 Wax

Hot Wax

Added to a final rinse, this long-lasting, liquid wax creates a durable finish that improves a vehicle’s appearance and keeps dirt from adhering to the surface. It gives added protection against salt, air pollution and acid rain. With a dilution ration of 2000 to 1, this is a highly economical wax.