Specialty Cleaners

We carry a wide range of detergents from high-performing brands: Hotsy, Hydrus, ChemWorks, ITD, and Warsaw. Let's tackle dirt and grime together, because we're all about solutions, support, and making your world a tidier place. Let's get cleaning!

Polished Aluminum

Polished Aluminum Cleaner

This mighty cleaner packs a powerful punch with its specialized acid formula designed to tackle tough grime and bring out the shine in your aluminum surfaces. Whether it's your trusty truck or a fleet of plantoons, this aluminum brightener will leave them looking brand new.


Enviro Clean

This phosphate-free detergent is excellent for communities where phosphates are prohibited from entering municipal wastewater treatment facilities. It’s safe for all kinds of cleaning, yet has the cleaning power of highly concentrated degreasers. It is great on polished aluminum.

Vital Oxide 55G

Vital Oxide

Vital Oxide is used to disinfect and sanitize just about any surface. Vital Oxide can be used as a disinfectant and diluted to a sanitizer for spray and/or foam application. There’s no smell and it’s safe for animals and humans.

Delimer NF

Delimer NF

Quickly dissolves and removes: lime, rust, iron, millstone, hard water stains, oxidation, coffee and tea stains, soap scum, machine dishwash detergent residue. Recommended for use on:steam tables, ice machines, coffee urns, shower stalls, dishwashing machines, milking machines, faucets, drainboards, drinking glasses, steam cleaners, carpet extraction machine, heat exchangers, car washes.