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At Hotsy Cleaning System we know these are unexpected times, but we want to assure our customers and our community that we?re doing all we can to be here for you. WE KNOW CLEAN, and that?s why we?re:

  • Taking all necessary precautions to keep our facilities clean and safe
  • Routinely washing and sterilizing all equipment and vehicles
  • Encouraging staff to stay home if they are not feeling well
  • Staying open and available to help you find the supplies and equipment you need
  • Continuing to come up with creative ways to incorporate disinfecting in the community

Pressure Washer Scheduled Maintenance Program

Request a cleaning evaluation Industrial-grade pressure washers are put through the paces, often used in dirty, dusty conditions. However, with proper care and scheduled check-ups you can extend the life of your pressure washer greatly. Hotsy Cleaning Systems, Inc. offers a scheduled maintenance program to keep your cleaning equipment working properly.

Why consider scheduled maintenance? Here are a few important reasons

  1. Most pressure washer/steam cleaners are operated for long periods of time, and are not checked or repaired unless they break down.
  2. Units are operated with marginal hoses, safety valves, and pressure unloaders that often are not working properly, which could cause safety hazard
  3. The pressure washer slowly decreases in pressure during operation due to a number of reasons: the coil being clogged with lime*; the unloader sticking; poor pump packings, etc. These cause an increase in labor hours to perform your cleaning jobs.

Still not sure if you should sign up for scheduled maintenance? The advantages are many. For instance, the entire pressure washer is checked and tested with a pressure gauge to insure all systems are working satisfactory. The service technician reviews a check-off list and then recommends needed repairs. (Click here to see a copy of our checklist). You can choose to purchase parts and replace them yourself, have our technician perform the work if he has the parts in his truck, or you can have the tech replace the part on his next visit.

In summary, you will save travel time of repeat service calls and only pay for parts and actual pressure washer repair time required. Machines working at correct pressure save labor hours for cleaning and operate with less overall maintenance requirements.

*NOTE: With Wisconsin water, if you do not have a water softener, the pressure washer will usually need deliming of the coil every three months or annually if you have a softener.